The hippo’s dental office is crowded. Piglet, Puppy, and Lion cub all have a toothache! So they gather at Hippo’s dental clinic to try to get some help. Little Hippo is very busy and she really needs your help. Come and show me what you can do as a very mature dentist. Choose a patient and surgery that you want to operate on the most. Clean his teeth and fill his teeth with proper dentures. And tell him to take care of his teeth in the future.
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The princess’s son was born! He is a healthy baby, but the princess is now inconvenient to cook for the baby, so the princess needs your help. Do you want to be a five-star chef? Do you want to be a good babysitter? Come and learn how to make simple and delicious snacks for cute babies. In the game Baby Food Cooking, you need to start with the creation of baby food and improve nanny and cooking skills by keeping them happy. If you are a food lover, don’t miss this game, don’t forget to share it with friends!
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A game for all the animals who are tired of being tortured by their dentist. The time for revenge has come. Go to the other side! You now are a superb dentist. You can use all instruments and take care of the pets. Some of the animals will really surprise you. Become an animal dentist, is a skill game in which you will tear, cure or clean a multitude of animals teeth. You will find all the accessories of torture, as in a real veterinary dentist place. You will learn how to handle them.
You use the tools of a real veterinary dentist You must follow a strict order of things in order to heal your patient His life or rather his teeth are in your hands Your turn to play

If you like puzzle games and you want to work on your memory while having some fun, Remember the Numbers is made for you. This new game of memorization and numbers will ask for concentration, speed and, of course, memorization to reach the end of it. Remember the Numbers is a very simple game. When you launch a new game, multiple numbers pop up on the screen. You then have three seconds to remember them before they disappear. You must touch the screen at the place where the numbers were, in ascending order. If you succeed, the game continues with new numbers, but if you fail, you’ll have to start again from the beginning. Retrace number sequences that always get longer in a survival mode that follows an exhilarating rhythm. Put your memory and reflexes to the test in this arcade game. Reach the highest score possible and work on your memorization skills with Remember the Numbers.
multiple numbers pop up on the screen You then have three seconds to remember them before they disappear You must touch the screen at the place where the numbers were in ascending order

It’s season learning time for Baby Taylor! Yes, today Taylor will learn about four different seasons in a year through fun-filled activities, tasks, and assignments. First of all, please help Taylor to identify the season by looking at a picture. Then join her to relate the objects with their respective seasons. Finally, help her to complete the homework. Have fun in the learning class with Taylor!
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My Baby Care is both a baby caring and a dress-up mixture game that is made from two-dimensional cartoon game art animation. You have a chance to learn and care about the four babies with bathing, dressing, and surgery. I hope you will entertain with My Baby Care!
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Guess the Path is a puzzle game for the smartest of you. So yes, the first levels are quite simple and you will tell yourself that it is a game for children … but not at all, try the more difficult levels … you will understand that this game is not for put in all hands … or rather not to put in all brains. You must thus connect all the boxes together and fill in the grid completely. It’s simple but it becomes quite difficult as the size of the grid increases.
The principle of the game is very simple you must fill the grid with numbers ranging from 1 to X The numbers must follow each other on the grid that is to say that for example the box number 2 must be located next to the box 1 and box 3 must be locate

FIND THE WORD in a straight line of blocks (horizontally, vertically or diagonally with any direction), press the block showing the first letter and move until you reach the last letter of the word. Find all the words shown on the left panel to complete a level. Complete all the levels to win this game.
Use mouse or touch pad to play this game

Use mouse or touch pad to play this game

Welcome to the game Masha and the Bear Coloring Book where you will find 18 different pictures that need to be colored. They need to be colored and for this you are provided with a set of fifteen felt-tip pens of different bright colors. On the left you will see a set of circles of different diameters. You can also save the colored image. Have fun!
Use mouse or tap on the screen

If you like to play detective games, you can’t miss Find Out The Criminal, an addictive detective casual puzzle game. The game is not difficult to operate and is suitable for players of all ages to try. Use your wisdom and keen observation to find clues hiding everywhere and finally find the criminal. Come and join us and show your superior intelligence! Have fun!
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Do you know where does flour come from? Do you know what farmers do to grow and harvest wheat? In this game, you will learn the answers. There are many mini parts in this game. You can choose any part to enjoy. If you play them in order, you can learn the whole process of planting and harvesting. First, assemble the truck you need and start to reclaim the wasteland. And then plant the seeds into the soil. After you water the soil, the wheat would grow. When the wheat is ripe, harvest it with a reaper… Want to know more about this game? Enjoy it!
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What is Cute Pets Summer Dress Up? Cute Pets Summer Dress Up is one of the few but one of the best pet dress-up games online for kids on our website, where three cute pets get to be dressed up by you in the most stylish outfits an animal can wear during the summer since dressing up animals can be quite a lot of fun, even more so online, where the possibilities are simply endless! Dress up the cute pets for the summer! For each of the three pets, you have buttons for which you can change the color of their fur, and their hairdo, you can give them a crown or other accessories for the head, a cute bow around their neck, wings, and a cute toy. Mix and match these items however you see fit, and we’re sure the pets will be really stylish by the end! Start off now, have a blast, and stick around to see what more cool games we’ve got in store, you are not going to want to miss out on them!

You’ve got five minutes in the subway but you don’t know what you should do to occupy your hands? You like doodles, scrawls and you’re a huge fan of the game of the Hangman? If that’s the case, you stopped at the exact right place! Classic Hangman is an adaptation of a great classic game supported by the presence of the little Hangman whose adorable expression are going to put a smile on your face! You should seriously play it!
You must find a hidden word about which you only know the number of letters At each turn you must choose a letter that you think is in the word If you re right the letter appears in the word but if you re wrong you lose a live Make too many mista

Find the word in straight line of blocks (Horizontally, vertically or diagonally with any direction), press the block showing the first alphabet and move till you come to the last alphabet of the word. Find all the words displayed in left panel to complete a level. Complete all level to win this game.
Use mouse or touch pad to play this game

Start your day by giving a nice hot bubble bath to the little puppy, feed him with yummy food, help him in making a nice house to stay then decorate it with your creativity. Puppy is so dirty playing all day on street. Clean him and wash him properly with pet soaps. Enjoy a bubble bath with a cute little puppy.

Little Panda’s truck Team is a very addictive game. In this game, you need to help the truck team build the railway station and rebuild the amusement park. You will use various kinds of trucks to do your work. Use a roller to flatten the road, a forklift to lay formwork and tracks, and use a crane to install parts for Ferris wheels and roller coasters, etc. While you are playing this game, the trucks also introduce themselves to you, which can reinforce your impression of the trucks. You will not only learn how the trucks work but also have lots of fun in this game. Isn’t it amazing? Enjoy!
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This is a very puzzle game,players should have enough patience,with their intelligence will be their pieces into three,quickly to should own intelligence!
Click the mouse will be their chess into three who first successful is the winner

It is a very interesting Photo Puzzle game, in which you need to find odd pic from a group of 5 pics. If you catch the wrong pic your score will be deducted. If you are stuck with puzzle you can also reveal right pic by watching Reward AD. Complete all 60 challenging levels to win this game.
Use mouse or touch pad to play this game

Barkers go to treat their teeth to a new dentist in a children’s hospital. Rosa really wanted to know how a dentist doctor works, how he treats teeth, removes caries and performs complex operations. To do this, she signed up for an internship at a dental clinic. Rosa gathered the whole family and told them this pleasant news. Someone took it joyfully, and someone with great fear for their teeth.

Play with your little mermaid! Your baby is hungry right now, so get her apples, lollipops, milk, and cupcakes! Take a look at the dirty face of the little mermaid and give her a bubble bath so she can be very clean! Your little mermaid needs to go to bed and go to the toilet, teach the little mermaid the correct steps to go to the toilet. You may encounter some emergencies. So are you ready?

Taylor is about to have an unforgettable time in her life, a farm vacation. Summer is here, and Taylor’s mom and dad decide to take her to a cool farm for a week-long vacation. Taylor is about to have her first horse ride. But before that, we must bathe the pony and Taylor needs to change into something more suitable for riding. Don’t waste time, let’s get ready for riding with Taylor!

World of Alice – Opposites World of Alice – Opposites is an educational game developed for children in which they will learn opposites in a fun way from their cell phone, tablet, or computer. game developed by:
Drag the correct piece to its opposite

A & B Kids is the best way for your kids to learn their ABCs! Our educational games are designed specifically for teaching kids the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. A&B Kids is making educational games for kids that help them learn the alphabet. These games are not only entertaining for kids, but they also help them develop essential skills like hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
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Oh no! The cargo sorting machine is not functioning how it’s supposed to in the Chuggington: Cargo Chaos game! Wilson and the rest of the trains need your help to fill up the wagons and make the deliveries! Do you think you’re the right person for this challenge? Your job is to grab every crate and put them in the carts before it’s time for takeoff. Attention will be your grates asset in completing this task with ease! Are you ready to take the matter into your own hands and help the friendly trains? How to play the game Firstly, you should wait for the machine to drop the cargo on the ground. The only thing left to do is to use your Left Click to pick up and drag it to the wagons! See? Pretty straightforward, right? With some practice, you will fill up every crate in no time! Every crate has a label with a shape! You only need to place them accordingly in the wagons. For example, the loot with the blue square goes in the cart with the same sign, and so on! Try not to mix them up because you will only lose time! For every stage, you will have plenty of wagons to fill! Once you finish and a train leaves with the cargo, another one will take its place. Also, you will have a timer for every load. You can take your time when it’s green, but if it is close to red, you might pick up the pace! Are you ready to start your challenge and see if you can put every crate into its designated wagon? Wilson and the rest of the town are counting on you to get them out of this chaos!

Welcome to the most amazing Word search brain game! This is an educational words game that will help you learn words in a fun way! You will definitely enjoy some cool sound voices and an amazing gameplay! Let’s Play
Slide your finger or hold mouse click to highlight words

This game is a simple puzzle game that is easy to learn & quick to play. This blaster will challenge your brain and your reflexes! Brain Teasers : Game of Dots, you must burst dots to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them. You need to eliminate all the dots to complete the level and pass to the next level. You have 400 levels to complete before finishing the game. In each level, you can collect stars. Complete the level as fast as possible in order to collect the maximum of stars. Will you be able to complete all levels with 3 stars? This is your challenge. Millions of player love the game ! “A total blast to play. You won’t be able to turn off this game!” “The perfect blend of simplicity and challenge. Entertaining!” “Easy, fun, and perfect for downtime. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!”
Brain Teasers Game of Dots you must burst dots to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them You need to eliminate all the dots to complete the level and pass to the next level

In the world, there are many different, important, and necessary professions. One such wonderful profession is a doctor. In this entertaining game, your clinic and you, like an actual doctor, will take wild animals that are sick and need treatment and emergency medical care. Your clinic is always ready to accept new patients. You must all your knowledge and skills, efforts, and diligence, to cure these wild animals from cold, bruises, or any other wound. Let’s get started!
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This is still very much a prototype, but I just needed to release what I had.
WASD Arrow keys Left stick Move Spacebar Z key A button Jump Left click X key X button Boom boom

Sad story about novice space goose. His name is Goofy Goose and he is trying to find his wife – Goosey Goose.
Tap To Play

The PJ Masks return right now with the first-ever memory game online that this category has had, a memory games with cards that there’s absolutely no way at all you will not really love playing, since we’re talking about a game where you improve your memory with these characters from Disney Junior that you love a lot, an experience that there is no way at all you are not going to love a great deal. We will be explaining how this works right here, so playing the game should be a piece of cake! You can choose to play the game in three different levels of difficulty, each one having a different number of cards to match. You click on two cards at a time to flip them around, and every time that the two cards you have flipped have the same image on them, they no longer remain flipped, but their image remains visible, simple as that. You win the game once you have revealed all of the cards by matching them, and once you have done so in all three levels of difficulty. Good luck, and make sure not to stop here, since more awesome content is on its way right now!

Circle Word is a HTML5 game is a word challenge game that you have to connect all letters to form a word, play from 3 to 6 letters Circle Word before time run out to score high points.
Use mouse or tap on the screen

If you’ve ever wanted to become a superhero, you must try the Pick Up Power Up game! Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko are going on a new adventure, but they have to increase their strength first. Can you help the PJ Masks find the power-ups and prepare for their upcoming missions? If so, then it’s time to join the cute heroes! Let’s help your three buddies become stronger than ever! Your job here is to look at the pile of objects, then sort them into two categories. This way, you get to grab some useful power-ups while cleaning up the environment at the same time! Doesn’t that sound fun? How to play the game The controls here are very straightforward! All you need is your mouse to help the PJ Masks. Just click on an item to pick it up, then drag and drop it onto the correct pile. That doesn’t sound too complicated, right? First things first, you must choose your character between Gekko, Catboy, or Owlette. Afterward, it’s time to begin the mission. You have to sort the items into the two bins: green is for garbage, while power-ups go into the brown wooden box. The challenge will only be complete when no more objects remain on screen! The pile contains various items, from empty cans and rocks to drums, balls, and more. If you place them in the correct bin, the bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up, and you’ll earn some bonus points. However, if you get it wrong, you’ll lose your progress and have to fill up the bar once more to regain your powers. Remember that there’s no time limit, so you don’t have to rush! As you progress, the bins will be flipped from one side to another. You must be very careful because it’s easy to make mistakes if you’re not paying attention. Can you keep up and earn a high score? Now that you understand your task, it’s time to begin the mission! Are you ready to join the PJ Masks and help sort all the power-ups?

Do you like Hide and seek game? has brought you a new escape game called Halloween hide and seek, in this game some pumpkins is hiding a candy so use your sharp eye and mind to find the candy . You can also use hints if you are stuck. Good luck and have a nice difference finding! Good luck and have fun! Visit a scary haunted mansion and show off your quick reflexes in the Nick Jr: Halloween Hide and Seek game! It’s Halloween, and your Nick Jr. friends are excited to celebrate together. They’re playing hide and seek and want you to start looking for them! Can you locate all of your buddies and bring them out of their hiding spots? Let’s explore the area and see what you can find! Characters like Ms. Marmalady, Blaze, or Skye are ready to pop out and play spooky tricks on you. Just be sure to move fast because they won’t stay in one spot too long! Do your best to uncover all your friends and aim for a high score!
Use the mouse

Get ready for an adventure under the stars in Dora’s Dot to Dot game! The young explorer and her friends want to have a slumber party, but none of them have been to one before, so they are missing a lot of stuff! They will need a place to sleep, some cozy plushies to hug at night, and some snacks! Will you join Dora and her friends for the slumber party? Organizing a slumber party is no easy job, so your goal is to find all the items Dora and her friends need for a nighttime fiesta! Connect the stars and solve the young girl’s riddles by figuring out the object she is trying to gather! Boots, Swiper, and the rest of Dora’s friends can’t wait to get everything together and start the most fun slumber fiesta! How to play the game You can connect the stars just by using your mouse. You will start from number one. Hover over the number that comes next in order, and form the outline of the needed object. Dora will help by counting with you in Spanish and teaching you all the numbers! Every new object will start with a riddle! By connecting the stars and figuring out the shape of the item, you have the chance to guess what it is, based on Dora’s hints! For example, Dora will need something to carry all her slumber party objects in! What do you think that is? It’s her loyal companion, the Backpack!